Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar 

the Researcher

Research work of Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar

Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar is an award-winning researcher having over 15 years of Marketing Research experience in India. He has presented his research in several National and International Research conferences. His Research work on IPR Management and Strategic Marketing has been published in more than 44 well-known National and International Journals so far. Dr. Sarkar has two Best Research Paper Awards to his credit in 2013 and 2018. 

Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar is a PhD in Strategic Marketing from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, University of Mumbai (2013-2019). His area of research was to study the role if Intellectual Property Rights in Competitive advantage of companies.

Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar was the S. S. Nadkarni memorial Research Fellow at the prestigious Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Department of Management Studies, University of Mumbai for his Post-Doctoral Research work from 2019-2021. During his Post-Doctoral tenure, he worked on several Social Sciences and Management Research projects with an aim to create a positive impact on the society, industry and academia.

Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar has been granted a Patent by Govt. of India in September 2023 for a Computer Application Product value adding in public transportation of urban consumers.


Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar is in the Editorial Board of two International Research Journals.

Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar's research work in Business Management published so far, are as below:

Some of Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar's papers on Wildlife Biology are as below:

His work is available on Research Gate and Academia for online viewing and reference